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Continuing to pretend like everything’s ok is taking its toll on you. You generally can handle challenges, but right now you may feel anxious, depressed, & simply overwhelmed. You doubt yourself. Maybe you’re so busy taking care of everyone else that even the idea of taking care of yourself seems too much. You continue to press on because that’s just what you’ve always done, but you do not need to fight this battle alone. I can help you find relief. More… 


Your friends think you and your partner have it all together, but amidst work, family, & the inevitable craziness of life, maybe there’s been more fighting & lingering hurt. You long to feel close, feel safe, feel connected to one another. Perhaps one or both of you are considering separation or divorce and feeling uncertain about the future of your relationship. You don’t have to face these battles alone. We can help you gain clarity and confidence moving forward. More… 


You feel like you have more questions than answers. You may be navigating challenges with school, friends, family, relationships, or simply the pressures of just growing up in today’s social media crazed culture. Your anxieties may leave you feeling more sad & isolated. As a parent, you try to help your teen, but your advice just seems to add to her anxiety. You don’t have to feel helpless, I can help. More… 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer

Hi, I'm Jennifer

Licensed Professional Counselor

I feel passionate about helping couples get unstuck and helping women thrive through life stage transitions. I have the most success with adolescent girls & women at all life stages experiencing anxiety or depression, as well as couples going through a difficult season. I help individuals learn how to relate to others in a healthy way. In doing so, they become stronger individuals who develop stronger healthy relationships with others. If you have decided that you’re tired of being tired and are ready to make real changes, I am ready to help. More…

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